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Donation & Sponsorships

Niagara’s Choice FCU has been a generous supporter of our local communities and is committed to making every effort to further our involvement within the community and its organizations. Because the requests are numerous, we have implemented guidelines in order to assist as many organizations as possible. If you are interested in seeking a donation, please review the following guidelines before submitting your request. Niagara’s Choice reserves the right to consider each donation request on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, we must fairly distribute our support to as many organizations as possible and ask that you complete this form. If a donation is granted, Niagara’s Choice is authorized to use your organization’s name as a donation recipient in any of Niagara’s Choice marketing or advertising. Requests should be submitted no later than 30 days prior to deadline and please allow at least two weeks for review and processing. All donation and sponsorship requests must be submitted using the form below.

Donation & Sponsorship Policy

It is Niagara’s Choice objective to promote credit union involvement and to utilize budgeted financial resources, whenever possible, within Niagara’s Choice Niagara County area. Requests must meet the following qualifications to be considered:


  • Must benefit a charitable cause
  • Must qualify as a non-profit/tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; or organizations that are tax exempt under 501(c)(3), if it operates primarily to promote and develop credit unions.
  • Limit of one donation to an organization per calendar year.


  • Must create a positive image in the community.
  • Support the development of and/or benefit the community as a whole.
  • Create positive recognition of the Credit Union.
  • Limit of one sponsorship to an organization per calendar year.
  • Donations/sponsorships cannot be made to individuals, political candidates, individual teams or organizations that do not benefit a large segment of the community, religious organizations/churches, or organizations or projects outside Niagara County.
Application Process For your donation or sponsorship request to be considered you must complete our Donation & Sponsorship Request Form below. Please include all available levels of sponsorship with your request. Any supporting documentation can be emailed to [email protected]. *A completed W-9 form for the organization will be required for any approved Donation & Sponsorship before funds are dispersed.

Donation Request Form

  • Organization Info

  • Requesting Individual's Information

  • About the Organization

    Organizations seeking support from Niagara’s Choice must certify that their charitable and/or educational programs and services are offered and provided to the intended beneficiaries without discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, religion, disability, medical condition, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran or military status, pregnancy, ancestry, age or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, county or local laws, regulations or ordinances. Notwithstanding the preceding, organizations that offer gender-based programs or have programs and services designed to benefit a specific population will not be considered discriminatory for this reason alone.
  • Donation Information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
Niagara’s Choice will make every effort to process your request in a timely manner.  A decision to deny a request does not imply that the applicant’s program is not needed or worthy, but simply that it does not fall within our giving guidelines, priorities, or that funds are not available.

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