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Skip a Pay Program

When You Need Extra Cash – Skip a Payment!

At Niagara’s Choice we want to help you meet your financial goals. We know the rising costs of groceries, rent, gas and other necessities put a strain on your finances. We are here to help when times are tight. Using our Skip a Pay* service can help you stay on track with your monthly budget. This new program lets you skip a payment on select Niagara’s Choice loans to free up your much needed cash.

You are eligible to skip a payment if all of your Niagara’s Choice loans are current and you are a member in good standing at the time of your request.

It is important to note that the interest on your loan will still accrue during the waived payment period. The payment you skip is deferred but will automatically extend the loan maturity date by one month.

Withdraw the $25 from my Niagara’s Choice FCU(Required)
Do you have an internal automatic payment scheduled?(Required)
Disclosure: By submitting this form, I/we request the payment(s) referenced above to be skipped, I/we agree to pay an application fee of $25 for each request including future requests,2 I/we agree to all provisions of the Skip-A-Pay program as described in this disclosure, and I/we certify that all borrowers on the loan(s) identified above have signed this form. All parties on the loan(s) must sign this form.
Please note: You are responsible for stopping payments you generate (payments you set up with a bill payment service, payments initiated at another financial institution, etc.) for the skipped payment. Any internal automatic transfers generated at Niagara’s Choice FCU will be suspended for the Skip- A-Pay month.
*Terms and Conditions. All requests are subject to approval. You must be in good standing and your loan must not be in default. Eligible loans are those that have made a minimum of 9 payments with a satisfactory payment history. This offer is valid for only 2 skipped payments per calendar year. There is a $25.00 processing fee for each skipped payment. By signing the Skip A Pay request, you agree to terms and understand that interest will continue to accrue and may extend the term of your loan. The Skip-A-Pay program is offered to eligible members with no penalties or late fees and with no adverse effect on your credit. If you are requesting a Skip-A-Payment on a loan that has GAP coverage, you understand that you may jeopardize any future GAP claim in the event of a total loss on the covered vehicle. Please refer to your GAP contract for further details or speak with a loan representative for further information. Interest will continue to accrue and when you make your next payment, more of the payment will be applied to your interest. ALL Borrowers/Guarantors who signed original loan agreement must sign the Skip a Pay application form. Program subject to change.

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