*Annual Percentage Rate. *Rates for a Home Equity Line of Credit are as low as Prime plus 0%. The rate using the current index plus margin would be as low as 4.00%, which is the lowest rate allowed. Actual rate is determined based on credit worthiness. Rates apply to loans up to an 85% Combined Loan-to-Value ratio (CLTV)
with a 30-year repayment term. APR is variable based on the Prime rate published in the Wall Street Journal. Prime rate as of 3/17/2020 is 3.25%. Interest and payments adjust monthly, when prime rate is lower and quarterly, when prime rate is increases. There is a 15% lifetime cap. A 15 year draw period is included in the 30-year repayment term. For members whose owner occupied,1-4 family, primary residence is located in, or surrounding Niagara County. **Additional Restrictions apply for the Promo rate of 1.75% fixed for 12-months. **STANDARD RULES APPLY**