Why I Chose Niagara’s Choice Credit Union

My first credit card! Something I’ve thought about since the moment I turned 18. Eager to establish credit, I started applying for every credit card that came my way. From online offers to college student cards to bank credit cards and even store credits, I tried everything! But I kept getting the same response “INSUFFICIENT CREDIT HISTORY.”

How was I supposed to build credit when no one would give me a chance? Some companies offered a secured credit card or cosigner on the card, but neither of those were feasible for me. I didn’t have $500 to give to be secured or a cosigner to sign on with me.

Eventually I gave up. “I guess I’ll just wait until I’m 21” was my motto. Fast forward a few years. I’m sitting in front of an MSR at Niagara’s Choice Credit Union. I was filling out another credit card application. After submitting all the information they needed, the credit check came back with the same haunting words “INSUFFICIENT CREDIT HISTORY.”

This time it wasn’t the end of the road! I received a credit card! Sure, it was a low limit, but it was unsecured. Perfect for someone just starting out, like me. The limit wasn’t anything I couldn’t pay back and the interest rate wasn’t overwhelming. Now I can keep building my credit without getting too deeply in debt.