NCFCU Member’s Share Draft (Checking) Accounts Saves you money with no monthly service charges plus more!

  • No Monthly service charges or per-transaction fees
  • Set up Direct Deposit
  • Unlimited check-writing privileges
  • First order of 50 checks printed free, special member pricing applies afterward
  • A $1 minimum balance is required to keep the account open.


  • 24-hour debit card access
  • Overdraft protection is available (linked to your Share Savings account)
  • Online banking and Telephone banking access are available and alerts
  • Bill Pay
  • Quarterly dividend when you maintain a minimum daily balance of $250

Mastercard® Debit Cards


NCFCU member's debit card
Niagara’s Choice Debit Card – purchases are deducted directly from your checking account

With a MasterCard Debit Card, the purchases you make are deducted directly from your Checking Draft Account, track your purchases in real time via online and mobile banking. Since it’s not a credit card, you don’t need to worry about paying interest. Plus, it’ safer than carrying cash. Simply swipe your card, select ‘credit’ and sign your receipt – it’s fast and easy!

You can use your Debit Card to make withdrawals, deposits, and transfers anywhere you see the MasterCard logo and you can access your accounts surcharge-free through the CO-OP Network with over 5,500 machines nationwide.


Debit Cards

It’s your money and it should stay that way. That is why we try our best to reduce or eliminate common fees you will see on Niagara’s Choice Debit Cards. Below is a list of features we offer in association with our Debit Cards.

  • A Niagara’s Choice Debit card offers convenient access to your account.
  • Use your card without fees when making withdrawals or transfers at our ATMs, and most 7-11 stores.
  • Find ATMs HERE:
  • Unlike most banks, we do not assess a fee if you use ATMs not operated by Niagara’s Choice; although it’s likely you will be charged a fee by the financial institution or business that owns/operates the machine.
  • With a debit card, you don’t need to carry as much cash or your checkbook

Debit Card Contact numbers:
Activation: 1-866-985-2273
PIN Now: 1-866-985-2273
Customer Service: 1-855-710-3055
Lost/Stolen: 1-855-710-3055
*Members need to call the lost/stolen number to file any disputes or fraud claims.