Debit Card Scam Alert: The Niagara Falls Police Department has notified us that people are receiving automated calls indicating...

"Debit Card has been blocked; and press 1 to unblock"

At that point the individual is being requested to input their card number. No one should ever respond to such calls; and never give any account or card numbers to anyone. Please call the Credit Union if you receive such calls.

If you have responded to a call by providing your card account number, and have questions, please call one of the following numbers:

Visa Debit Cards beginning with 4694 call 800-528-2273
Master Card Debit Cards beginning with 5538 call 716-284-4110, press zero, and leave a detailed message. We will contact you.

MasterCard Credit Cards beginning with 5444 call 866-820-2965
Master Card Credit Cards beginning with 5401 or 5483 call 800-872-1712
  Target Stores Debit Card Compromise: We have been notified by MasterCard and VISA that your Debit Card may be at risk for fraudulent transactions based on the recent breach of information that occurred at Target Stores nationwide, between November 27 through December 15, 2013.

Niagara’s Choice FCU takes these matters seriously and is committed to protecting your financial safety and security. In order to reduce the risk we would prefer to block your current card; however since we know that many members use their cards on a daily basis, we want to ask what your preference is:

1. If you decide to have us block and close your card immediately, we will order a new one. Please understand that due to the magnitude of this situation a replacement card may take up to 15 days to be delivered.

2. If you decide to monitor the activity on your account(s), you may request reissue of the Debit card after the busy shopping season has ended.

If we have already discussed this matter with you by phone, this letter is a follow up. If we have not been in contact with you, please call our office immediately at (716) 284-4110 and speak with Joan Dougherty x 210 or Donna Hoolihan x 225, to discuss the status of your account.

In addition, if you have any automatic items associated with your Debit Card, be sure to mention that to us so we can ensure proper postings.

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes, and are responding in the best way we can based on the information received to date.